Thursday, June 17, 2010

Susan's Hat

Ok, So of course i have not been on here since February. I do not understand people who can post everyday or at least once a week. I do not have much to say but since no one reads this, i guess i could say anything i want and not worry about it getting back to anyone. which i think i will.

First though let me show off the hat i made for my friend Susan.

i got it from this book.

This book has a great many fantastic hats. but i am not to thrilled with the directions. It seemed as if all the people this guy knew had really tiny heads. Sure the kids are small, but i was working off patterns for women and yet the first one i made was so small it might fit a new born infant. The second one where i added some stitches was just a little bigger and might fight a small child. It was the one from the front of the book with the blond women in the green coat. By the time i was done with the second hat, i had no more yarn so i gave that hat up.

So when it came time to make Susan's hat, I made sure to have the right yarn and i calculated how many stitches i would need for the pattern. i can not remember exactly what i did since it was months ago so i will not describe the headache. All i remember was that i had to add on a lot more then was asked for. then because of this i was running out of yarn when i got to the end so that hat is not as long as it should be. ahh stupid hat.

So here is the hat as i am blocking it since the bottom wanted to roll up.
And here it is on Susan's head
So i might make another hat from this book but not for a while.

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