Thursday, June 17, 2010

Susan's Hat

Ok, So of course i have not been on here since February. I do not understand people who can post everyday or at least once a week. I do not have much to say but since no one reads this, i guess i could say anything i want and not worry about it getting back to anyone. which i think i will.

First though let me show off the hat i made for my friend Susan.

i got it from this book.

This book has a great many fantastic hats. but i am not to thrilled with the directions. It seemed as if all the people this guy knew had really tiny heads. Sure the kids are small, but i was working off patterns for women and yet the first one i made was so small it might fit a new born infant. The second one where i added some stitches was just a little bigger and might fight a small child. It was the one from the front of the book with the blond women in the green coat. By the time i was done with the second hat, i had no more yarn so i gave that hat up.

So when it came time to make Susan's hat, I made sure to have the right yarn and i calculated how many stitches i would need for the pattern. i can not remember exactly what i did since it was months ago so i will not describe the headache. All i remember was that i had to add on a lot more then was asked for. then because of this i was running out of yarn when i got to the end so that hat is not as long as it should be. ahh stupid hat.

So here is the hat as i am blocking it since the bottom wanted to roll up.
And here it is on Susan's head
So i might make another hat from this book but not for a while.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Misty's Hat

When I started looking around at other books to knit from, I came across this one. It peeked my interest so i looked to see if it was at the library. It was not at the Denver public library but it was at another. So i took it home and decided that i would not buy it because it did not have many patterns that i liked in it. I probably did something that i shouldn't do and that was make copies of the view patterns that i did like. There just were not enough patterns it to justify buying the book. I have made 4 of the 7 patterns from what i had copied. 
One of them was the pattern for the hat below. I saw and thought of my friend Misty and knew it would be perfect for her. Another good this was that it was made with linen since she is allergic to wool. Below is the finished project before blocking. It loved to curl up there. It has been so long since i worked on the hat that i can not remember what size of needle i used and i do not have my copy in front of me. I believe it was a size 3 circular needle and double points.  The stitches where so small between the needle and the skein that i did not think i would ever be done.  I still have a lot of the skein left and i have no idea what to do with it.
This it blocked out so that it should stop curling up.

Here is Misty sporting her hat. There is a black ribbon woven through some eyelets that were around the bottom of the hat.
There is a bow on the side that you can not really see here. The hat made me think of the 1920's when i saw it and i almost accomplished that with this one i think.

I do have one more hat done and a par of gloves but i like have the picture of the person wearing the item before posting. So if my friends i ever get around to going to coffee again i will have a picture of one of them wearing the other hat.

(Where the hell is the spell check on this thing. I need it)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Probably Wondering why there is nothing new. Well, first i forgot to take pictures of all the items i made for my family before giving them away for Christmas. Now I am working on a hat for a friend and i am using linen to make it so the stitches are very tiny and it is taking forever. I am in the last stages of the hat with the decreasing and hopefully i will be done with the knitting part today. I still have to block it since it wants to curl up on itself and buy the ribbon that goes with it.

Then i plan to make myself some gloves that will have some cabling on it. This will be my first attempt with cabling and it is not the usual. Then i have three more hats, two for friends and one for myself. Then my mother has commissioned another hat like the one i made for Jim, her boyfriend, she will just have to pick out the colors. I am still working on my Alphabet for Illusion scarfs. I have 10 more letter to make then i might make one more illusion scarf and see about selling illusion scarfs at Lamb's Shop

Hopefully after all of that i can start on a sweater.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Grisinger Project

So, I know I said I would post the next day after my first post but hey, it is Christmas time and I was behind. Plus the pics I am about to show were a present and did not want them seen until they were opened.

A really good friend of mine named Ellen is Married to Dan and has three children, Hannah, Simon, and Seth. They were mean and Moved to New Jersey about 3 years ago but we still stay in touch. I decided over the summer that I was going to make each one of them a hat and a scarf for Christmas. And I finished them all in the second week of Dec

Let’s start with the kids. I did an Illusion scarf for each of them with their name spelled out. I used Malabrigo worsted for all the scarfs except for Ellen’s

I started with Hannah. I was a little worried that the A's were to thin but it turned out fine.


Then I made Simon's. I added extra lines at the beginning and the end so they would be the same length since these two kids are the same height even though they are two years apart.(Hannah was a little baby and Simon was a big baby)

Here they are together.

To understand the Illusion scarf, you can only see the design from a certain angle which is how I took the above Pics.

Now for the top down Pics to show that you can not really see the letters.

You can almost see the S in this one.

Here is Seth's. Seth is only two and when asked what his favorite color was in the summer he said Pink. Ellen thought I should do Blue just in case so I did both. Even though I guess it more of a pink and green.

Now for the Kids Hats. I did the pattern Little Devil and Little Kitty from the Stitch n Bitch book I love so Much. The Boys of course got the horns while Hannah got the cat ears. I used Mission Falls 1824 wool for two of the hats and something else but I do not remember what for the dark blue hat.

For Dan, His hat was Mission falls 1824 again and his scarf Malabrigo worsted. His Hat I got from the book Son of a Stitch and it was a double sided pattern. This was my first time doing this pattern and I messed up a couple of times but since it is for a guy he will probably not notice. It is really neat because it is double sided.

Dan's scarf was a simple ribbed pattern that I knitted length wise. It turned out longer then it said but I liked it and hope Dan will too even though he does not wear scarfs.

I forgot to take a picture of Ellen's scarf but I did of the Final hat I made for her. This was the third one. The first one I followed a pattern but used a different yarn and it would fit an infant. I tried again with bigger needles and added some stitches. This one could fit a small child. I was running out of time to I made this simple hat that I have made before and it took me two days.

Here they are wearing their presents. Dan had to put his hat on just right so that you could see where I messed up, oh well.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Post

So I am a new knitter and i can not seem to stop. I have have been knitting since April.

I have made 13 scarfs, 9 hats, 2 kirchifes, 1 place mat, and 1 eye patch. I made the eye patch as a joke because i was going to go see Escape from NY and Snake wears an eye patch.

I started with this book because something about it made me want to learn how to knit. I have basically taught my self from this book with help from this great web site : . This site has quick little movies so that when reading the directions that make you go want to go "WHAT!!!" you can watch the video.

I do not have pictures with right now but once i get home i will post the pics i have with descriptions of the items.