Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Probably Wondering why there is nothing new. Well, first i forgot to take pictures of all the items i made for my family before giving them away for Christmas. Now I am working on a hat for a friend and i am using linen to make it so the stitches are very tiny and it is taking forever. I am in the last stages of the hat with the decreasing and hopefully i will be done with the knitting part today. I still have to block it since it wants to curl up on itself and buy the ribbon that goes with it.

Then i plan to make myself some gloves that will have some cabling on it. This will be my first attempt with cabling and it is not the usual. Then i have three more hats, two for friends and one for myself. Then my mother has commissioned another hat like the one i made for Jim, her boyfriend, she will just have to pick out the colors. I am still working on my Alphabet for Illusion scarfs. I have 10 more letter to make then i might make one more illusion scarf and see about selling illusion scarfs at Lamb's Shop

Hopefully after all of that i can start on a sweater.